Find out more about us, our background and previous projects. And keep in mind that we are open to expanding it - If you share our passion for cinema and animation, and have the same values, maybe, we can try to create something beautiful together!

Deyan Georgiev
Creator and script writer

"I like to write stuff."

I studied "Screenwriting and script-developing" at NATFA Sofia. I am passionate about storytelling and animation. It gives you an immense amount of possibilities for testing the limits of your imagination in relation to narratives, because anything is possible. I miss this freedom now as I am working as a game designer for one of the top casino gaming companies. Before that, I was also missing it while I was a screenwriter for the highest-grossing night show in Bulgaria. So I can not wait to take the opportunity to work on and create this project with such amazing visual and sound artists like Georgi and Martin. It will be both challenging and inspiring.

Georgi Zhelyazkov
Creator and director

"A drawing is simply a line going for a walk" - Paul Klee

I studied “Animation directing” at NATFA Sofia. My greatest passion is character development - creating characters' visuals, personality and dynamic features. I met Deyan while exploring all this at the academy and since then we create new projects together. As one of the creators and director of the series, my job is to develop the vision from the screenplay in my imagination and translate it to а fully formed film.

Martin Stavrev
Music and sound designer

"Enjoys: Apples! Hates: Hate ."

Spaceman on hire, DIY person, a self-realizing living organism in an onion-like Universe. My role in the team as a sound designer/composer is to imagine and create from scratch Tom and Hardy's world from an audio perspective. Ever since I was a 5 year old kid and I discovered the guitar, I have been spending the most part of my life's waking hours swimming in the depths of the endless ocean that are sound and music. Co-founder of the electronic band "The Science".